When leather is pulled, the oils or the waxes in the leather cause the colour to dissipate and become lighter.

Pure Aniline

A leather that is drum dyed but has little or no protected top coating to prevent it from cracking, staining or crocking.


A two-toned effect utilizing two different colours of dye which adds depth and character
to the leather.


Leather that has been aniline dyed throughout then protected by a clear or pigmented finish coating thus creating a more consistent colour than pure aniline leathers. Natural markings may
be visible with some semi-aniline leathers.


The middle or bottom layer of the hide. Split leathers are used in areas that are not under
any stress, as backs or sides of sofa. Embossed to create a very uniform grain pattern.

Split Grain

The underneath layer of a hide which has been “split” off when the top grain is separated.
If finished, the split is heavily embossed and surface treated.


Leather produced from the underneath layer/lower split of a hide processing a velvet-like nap effect. Suede does not have same durable characteristics as a top grain leathers.


The process of turning raw hides into leather.

Top Grain

Top part of the skin or hide. The grain may be either full grain or embossed grain. The top grain
of the hide is stronger and more flexible.

Wet Blue

Refers to the “blue” colour and appearance created by the chromium tanning process.